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Rab harry potter horcrux

JK rarely mentions anything without some sort of what is concours reason so is this is some sort of proof that Regulus didnt die and just went into hiding (as a rock star?).
A wizard who wished to create a Horcrux would then use that damage to their advantage by casting a spell which would rip the damaged portion of the soul and encase it in an object.
14 The only Horcrux that Harry personally destroyed was Tom Riddle's Diary, even though he was the only one clearly stated to be sent for the mission.The reason for this is unclear, but it may be because the cup marked the destruction of half of Voldemort's soul.Because it was made of goblin-wrought silver itself, the sword was imbued with basilisk venom and became capable of destroying Horcruxes.For example, the creation of Voldemort's sixth "Horcrux" (of seven) Harry Potter is known to be the direct result of this.And so this part of it flies off and attaches to the only living thing in the room.As long as at least one Horcrux exists, the creator's soul will be bound to the world of living.The books previously established that Voldemort can't feel when reduction materne a Horcrux is destroyed.This in turn resembles the Slavic tales of Koschei the Deathless.Could this be the Horcrux that was replaced by the locket that Dumbledore and Harry found?Rowling knows exactly what the process for the creation of a Horcrux is, but is not telling yet.However, this parasitic fragment of Voldemort's soul that attached to Harry did not make him a true Horcrux, since it was not created intentionally and the necessary parts of the Horcrux creation process were not carried out.1946 or later, but before 1979 Destroyed by Destruction method Destruction site Date destroyed Ron Weasley Stabbed with Godric Gryffindor's Sword Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire 28 December, 1997 Helga Hufflepuff's Cup Hiding place Created with the murder of Location of murder Date created The Lestrange.It is unknown whether a Dark Wizard protected by a Horcrux could still be killed by being thrown through the Veil.Rowling and the Live Chat, m, 30 July, 2007 Anelli, Melissa, John Noe and Sue Upton.This is due to it being the "master" soul that serves as the awareness and consciousness of Voldemort's psyche.No document in existence has information regarding a single individual creating multiple Horcruxes, as no such wizards before Voldemort even thought of attempting such a feat; he only dared to when he asked the experienced Horace Slughorn for an opinion.When Voldemort found out that Hufflepuff's cup was taken, he massacred all the goblins within the bank that failed to protect the cup.In the fairy tale The Warlock's Hairy Heart, the main character of the story stores his own heart outside of his body via dark magic, similar to Horcruxes in both function and consequences.However, his arrogance had also inadvertently let him leave behind subtle hints of their whereabouts, leading to their destruction.Only Death Eaters call Voldermort the Dark Lord so this is our first clue that the person is Regulus since he is a Death Eater who ran away.It is debatable if the Killing Curse can destroy inanimate Horcruxes, although given the extreme measures Harry, Ron, and Hermione had to go through to obtain Basilisk venom to destroy the Horcruxes they found during their search, it seems unlikely.
In fact, Voldemort took advantage of this possessive power over Ginny to reopen the Chamber of Secrets, using the diary as a weapon rather than a safeguard.